We are proud to have an experienced dental staff, all of whom have been with us for years. This long term commitment, along with truly caring personalities, allows us to know our patients beyond a superficial level and to personalize their care to their individual situations. With over 70 combined years of experience working together, we can truly say we work as a dental team for the long term health of our patients.

The dedication of our team is evident in our hygiene appointments. We take 70 minutes in order to be completely present with our patients, be thorough in the treatment we’re providing, and allow time for education, instruction, and questions. This allows the entire team — our doctors, hygienists, and dental assistants — to be the best they can be and focus on the patient, not just the problem.

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Magnolia Dental Care - Seattle, WA
Magnolia Dental Care Team
Magnolia Dental Care Team - Seattle, WA

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We take the time to treat the whole patient — physically, intellectually, and emotionally.
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