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Sometimes, despite a patient’s best efforts, a previous reconstructive procedure can fail. At Magnolia Dental Care, we seek to identify why the reconstruction failed before restoring the reconstruction. This may involve analyzing tooth and jaw alignment, determining the rate of decay, and evaluating the mechanical forces placed on the restoration during everyday use.

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There are several reasons that reconstructions fail, many out of a patient’s control. They include:

  • A misaligned bite
  • Systemic conditions such as diabetes
  • Grinding and clenching the teeth
  • Medications such as those used to treat osteoporosis

Our team has extensive experience with repairing failed reconstructions. If you fear that yours is compromised, it is important to see us as soon as possible before further damage can occur.

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In the interest of providing patients with the best treatments available, we continue our education as dental practitioners. This means that we are able to incorporate both traditional methods that have been proven to be effective as well as new trends, materials, techniques, and technology to ensure that each patient receives optimal dental care at each visit.

The entire body is interconnected from head to toe — including the teeth, jaw, and other oral structures. For this reason, we provide our patients with holistic care. In conjunction with a Postural Restoration Institute trained physical therapist, we are able to help patients with dental issues that may be hindering their body’s ability to repair. The result is an improved quality of life.

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