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When plaque penetrates the tooth enamel, a cavity results. The treatment for most cavities is dental fillings. Fillings do exactly what their name indicates — fill the cavities left by decay. Once the decay is removed, we will then fill your tooth with a material that prevents further decay and restores your ability to chew.

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At Magnolia Dental Care, we offer both amalgam (silver) fillings and composite (tooth-colored). We understand that aesthetics are important and will review the pros and cons of each type with you before your procedure. In cases where tooth decay is advanced, fillings may be insufficient; in these cases, we recommend dental crowns.

The best way to avoid fillings is to avoid tooth decay. Be sure to brush at least twice a day, floss daily, and visit us at least twice a year to prevent cavities.

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In the interest of providing patients with the best treatments available, we continue our education as dental practitioners. This means that we are able to incorporate both traditional methods that have been proven to be effective as well as new trends, materials, techniques, and technology to ensure that each patient receives optimal dental care at each visit.

The entire body is interconnected from head to toe — including the teeth, jaw, and other oral structures. For this reason, we provide our patients with holistic care. In conjunction with a Postural Restoration Institute trained physical therapist, we are able to help patients with dental issues that may be hindering their body’s ability to repair. The result is an improved quality of life.

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No other dentist in Seattle or the surrounding neighborhoods offer more caring or comprehensive dental care. To us, our patients are more than just a set of teeth, they are people we learn to know well. We take the time to treat the whole patient — physically, intellectually, and emotionally.