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At Magnolia Dental Care, we treat each person as a unique individual and develop a dental care plan that meets their individual needs. Hear what some of our satisfied patients had to say:

Sherine T

“Dr. Moberly has given me back my life. He has reduced both the frequency and duration of my horrible migraines. Four months ago, despite a percussion orchestra playing in my head, I dragged myself to his dental office for a teeth cleaning. By the time he came in to check my teeth, I could barely talk from the pain. I apologized explaining that all prescribed, off the shelf, and naturopathic medicines had failed to help me for over ten years. I had reached a point of desperation where I was getting my migraines every two weeks and each episode was lasting a full unbearably painful 72 hours. There were so many times when I could not even get out of bed. I had to cancel work, and I was always afraid of accepting any social invitations; I never knew if I would have to be rude once again and cancel last minute because of my headaches. Dr. Moberly listened intently and said these magical words, “I may be able to help you.” He explained that migraines and teeth share the same conduit into the brain and that it was possible to help me by fixing my bite and relaxing the muscles around my jaw joints. I implicitly trust Dr. Moberly; he has been my daughter’s and my dentist for the past 15 years. Willing to try anything he thought could make a difference in the quality of my life, I accepted to go in for tests and, subsequently, to be fitted for a mouth guard. A week after I received my mouthguard, I got a migraine which lasted the usual 72 hours. My heart sank a bit, but I told myself it had only been a week of treatment. Resolved to continue, I faithfully put in my mouthguard every night. Pretty soon I started noticing that my bite was shifting, and the muscles around my mouth and jaw were behaving differently. They were keeping my front teeth apart, and as a result, my muscles were starting to relax. Before I knew it, 14 WEEKS went by before my next migraine. 14 WEEKS!!!!! Fourteen beautiful, pain free weeks during which I was able to live a full productive life. This on its own was a miracle. The next miracle was that my new migraine only lasted one day. It was a severe one, and I was in bed for most of the day, but it only lasted one day. By my calculations, in the past 14 weeks, Dr. Moberly gave me back 20 days of my life. Twenty days that I would have otherwise spent being non functional and in pain. That’s twenty more days with my family, students, friends, acquaintances, the world. Can you tell I am elated? If you are a migraine sufferer, you completely understand what I am saying and the extent of my gratitude. Thank you Dr. Moberly! You are the absolute best.”


“Dr. Moberly is great – 5 stars! I saw him few times last summer. He is a good dentist, has great bed side manners and overall just makes you feel comfortable. He did several fillings for me and fixed an issue that’s been bothering me for years. His assistant is great too, overall they work hard to make you feel cared for and at ease. The only reason i gave 4 stars and not 5 is because they’re a bit expensive. They are not in-network providers and so their fees are higher than other dentists in the network. I would definitely recommend them if you are able to afford to pay more than insurance negotiated rates.”

Tracy K

“Dr moberly is a great dentist and a very good guy.  Everyone you’ll meet there is friendly and professional. Highly recommended”

Rebecca H

“I recently chipped a piece off of a composite that is smack dab in the middle of my face. Not to worry though, thanks to a referral from a terrific dentist back home I found out about Magnolia Dental Care and Dr. Kent Moberly. I was relieved to be able to get in very quickly. The office staff at Magnolia Dental Care are friendly and helpful and back in the chair I felt 100% confident, knowing my tooth would be whole again in no time. And it was; it looks great and the work was painless and fast! Dr. Moberly is great at what he does and his passion for his profession is very clear. He also takes beautiful photographs, some of which patients get to enjoy on the monitor while they’re in the chair! Wonderful people, a highly skilled dentist, and a great excuse to visit Magnolia. Highly recommended.”


“Dr. Moberly has given me back my life. He has reduced both the frequency and duration of my horrible migraines.”

Mark P

“One of the top dental practitioners I have encountered– knowledgeable, approachable, professional; an amazingly personal level of care and service from Dr Moberly and his entire team. Cannot recommend this practice highly enough. You will not find a better option for top notch dental care in Seattle.”

Jazmyn & Josh

“Highly recommend. After being referred to Dr. Moberly and his wonderful staff through my fiancé (who was originally referred to Magnolia Dental Care by his boss), we can’t highlight enough how exceptional this practice is. They exemplify everything you would want to experience when it comes to going to the dentist, removing any negative connotation. You will actually enjoy making this a healthy routine while they effortlessly exert such personable interactions with each of their clients and take the time to educate you during your visit in a very thoughtful, supportive and sincere way. I am so happy with the care and quality of work done; can easily say that we anticipate being satisfied long-term clients.”

Marilynne F

“It is always a pleasure to see Dr. Moberly and his outstanding crew. I’m not exaggerating when I say he saved my teeth. He also works with an excellent network of dental professionals when more extensive dental work is needed. I am a testament to that! I can honestly say I go the best dentist and dental office in the world!!”

Dr. Kent Moberly
Dr. Kent Moberly
Dr. Eric Rustemier
Dr. Eric Rustemier

With two dedicated dentists on staff, we are able to:

  • Spend more time with our patients than most dentists
  • Have appointment availability for urgent care
  • Welcome additional new patients to our dental family

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