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Magnolia Dental Care - Seattle, WA
Magnolia Dental Care - Seattle, WA

We are proud to be an independent office that puts patient care first. We are not participating providers for any insurance companies. We are dedicated to maximizing your dental benefits. We make it easy for you, and we will always bill and file your insurance on your behalf. Check, cash, and credit cards are accepted as payment at the time of service.

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Dental Costs and Fees

Dental care is an investment in your health. At Magnolia Dental Care, we take time to understand the needs of our patients in order to provide them with appropriate and individualized care. Our costs are an exceptional value and correspond with the experience of our team members and the exceptional care that we provide.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is a wonderful benefit provided by your employer. While we are not contractually connected to any plan, we excel at helping you obtain maximum benefits as allowed by your plan. What this means is that we can make decisions based on your best interest, not what a third party insurance company dictates. This also allows us to allocate the time to do everything right and tend to each patient’s individual needs without having to be limited by a reduced fee structure that results in less time to complete the procedure.

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