Recent concern over dental X-rays

X-RAYS: Just recently there has been a lot of buzz about a study correlating a benign form of brain tumor to dental X-rays. This study was based on X-rays taken in the 1960’s and correlated to a higher incidence of problems with people that had even one dental X-ray taken during that time frame. Given the prevalence of dental X-ray use in the 1960’s I would question if there were other significant factors between the two groups other than the dental x-rays.

We just had our X-rays machines inspected by the Washington State Department of Health. Since we have gone digital with our X-rays we have decreased our patient exposure by over 60% from what they expect for dental X-rays utilizing standard film. In addition to utilizing the best digital technology we continue to recommend X-rays based on individual risk factors. Some people have a very high decay rate and need X-rays more often and others, with low risk factors, can go longer between x-rays. We all share your concern with radiation. Rest assured we are doing everything we can to minimize your exposure to radiation and still keep you healthy, however, we still cannot do comprehensive dentistry without periodic x-rays.Bite wing X-ray- Magnolia Dental Care

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