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Is Whitening/ Bleaching safe?

I am often asked if bleaching is safe for the teeth. A research article just published in the Journal of the American Dental Association (June 2012) analyzed the effects of home use and in office bleaching treatments on the calcium and phosphorus concentrations of tooth enamel. The final conclusion was that bleaching did not weaken the teeth by leaching out the calcium or phosphorus- the main components of enamel.

I do recommend caution though- natural teeth are not so white that they glow in the dark! Bleaching should be done to make the teeth brighter and look younger- not to look fake.

The materials we use at Magnolia Dental Care are proven safe and we like to monitor things closely to keep you from over whitening or causing the teeth to get sensitive.

We do cosmetic dentistry to look natural

Recently I had two patients ask me if I did cosmetic dentistry or should they go somewhere else for that. My answer was a resounding YES – we do cosmetic dentistry (and are really good at it too). Read more »